Obtaining Visas

Travel to Russia requires an entry visa. We will assist you

in filing necessary documents.



While producing many projects, Talan has built trusted and fruitful relations with casting directors and many talents directly. So, we will help to organize casting, deliver casting material and negotiate appropriate rate.

Scheduling & Budgeting

Together with you, we will analyze the script and work

a schedule and budget out.

Set Construction

If your project requires set construction, we will gather professionals to bring it to life. Among recently completed constructions is a wooden house

in nature conservation area with extreme temperatures, not far from Onezhskoye Lake.  

Hiring Crew


Moscow and St. Petersburg film crews are of highest standards in Russia. Talan will hire the best possible crew with key professionals speaking English. 

Equipment Rental

Talan works with trusted rental houses, and many of them provide equipment to the company on special terms. 


Our team will help in arranging accommodation taking traffic and your budget into account.


We will book all the required transport for you from the high quality suppliers at discounted rates when possible.


Whatever it is – design, rental, fitting

of costumes – we will complete the tasks.  

Location Scouting & Clearance

We will suggest alternative locations to meet your script and creative vision, so that filming happens in

a place that fits your story. Once locations are chosen, we will take care of all necessary clearances.

Talan’s contacts, reputation and experience can make it work even when it comes to “difficult” locations. We have cleared shooting in the Federal Security Service building, historical buildings such as Stalin’s summer residence, The War Gallery of 1812 in the State Hermitage Museum, on the Red Square, at nature conservation areas, to name but a few.