Director: Alexey Bystritsky

DOP: Vadim Fortunin

Stunt Coordinator: Vladimir Orlov

Producer: Natalia Budkina, Andrey Antonov

Cast: Roman Polyanski, Valery Oshomkov, Alexander Alyoshkin, Gen Seto, Master Shi Yanbin, Osamu Yamamoto, Shion Nakamaru

There are some great pages in the world history, which are consigned to oblivion for various reasons. One of notable examples of such injustice is the Soviet-Japanese War in 1945. During this war Soviet and Chinese people, shoulder to shoulder, liberated the occupied territory of Manchuria from Japanese militarism – the last stronghold of the world Nazism.


TV mini-series "The Medal" is a story about this significant event, which marked the end of the Second World War.

War Drama | 4 x 44 min | Russian language | English subtitles | Russia | 2016
Taurus World Stunt Awards for the best action in a foreign film
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