Director: Victor Dement

Writer: Victor Dement, Vladimir Tendryakov

DOP: Andrey Naydenov

Composer: Panu Aaltio

Producers: Natalia Budkina, Dmitry Klepatski

Production Companies: Talan Film Company, Klepatski Production

Cast: Alexey Guskov, Nadezhda Markina, Anastasia Sheveleva

Learn to forgive others, and get forgiveness to yourself.


In the forgotten taiga village lives a gloomy and unsociable Trofim Rusanov, senior fishing inspector. He is used to the fact that each day

is filled with routine. But one day, on his usual round through the wood, Trofim faces a shocking discovery. He finds a baby in an abandoned forest house. For several days he wanders around the severe uninhabited taiga, fighting both for his life and the life of the little child. Finally, Trofim finds the way home...


He wants to find a woman who left a baby in the forest. It takes him a superhuman effort to find the baby's mother. But this long quest leads him to another, completely different find.

Drama | 90 min | Russian language | English subtitles | Russia | 2015

Best Cinematography Award, 26 ORFF Kinotavr, Sochi, Russia

Best Lead Actor, Festival du Cinéma Russe à Honfleur, France

Audience Choice Awards, Festival du Cinéma Russe à Honfleur, France

Best Debut, Festival du Cinéma Russe à Honfleur, France

Audience Choice Awards, Black Nights Film Festival, Tallinn, Estonia

Best Lead Actor, Festival "Automn of Amur”, Blagoveshchensk, Russia

Best Lead Actor Nominee, Asia Pacific Awards, Brisbane, Australia