Director: Igor Kholodkov

Writer: Mila Kudrayshova

DOP: Sergey Otrepiev

Producer: Natalia Budkina

In 2007 it was announced that the 2014 Winter Olympics will take place in a Russian town of Sochi located at the Black Sea. Government

is celebrating, people are looking forward to the upcoming sport competitions. But then the routine of the long-term preparations comes, and the sea resort turns into the biggest constuction project. The Olimpics burst into peoples' homes and bring the drastic changes.

It can ruin one’s comfortable living or give a lucky chance to improve one’s life. Politicians, musicians, sportsmen, builders and simple residents of Sochi talk pro and contra the Sochi Winter Olympics. Peep into the backstage of the Winter Olympics.

Documentary | 52 min | Russian language | English subtitles | Russia | 2013

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