Russia, scattered over 17 mln sq km, provides everything one can imagine in regard to shooting location.


Embracing 101 nature reserves, 40 National Parks, 40 UNESCO biosphere reserves Russia offers natural landscapes of exceptional beauty, which vary between Arctic terrains and green forests. The country boasts picturesque river valleys, striking mountain picks, spectacular mixed, broadleaf, coniferous forests, beautiful seashores, and many more wonders of nature.

Apart from its phenomenal nature, the country’s historical heritage also gives space for creative freedom for any filmmaker. European appeal of St. Petersburg, Tzar’s aura of Moscow, charm of old monasteries and convents can contribute to any shooting project.

View on Red Square
Saint Basil's Cathedral
Monument to Conquerors of Space
International Business Center
Panoramic View of the City
Saviour on Spilled Blood
The Peterhof Palace
The Fountain of Neptune
Park Ensemble
Altai Republic
Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal
Karelia aerial view
Karelia forests
Lake Tahtarjavr

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