If you are planning your next big shoot in Russia, Talan Film Company is a one-stop shop on your way to your dream footage. For more than 10 years, Talan has been a production house involved into both producing in-house projects and delivering first-class production services to film crews.

Whatever your project is – a tiny commercial or a high-level ad, TV-series or a documentary, a sophisticated drama

or a complex action movie – we are committed to make it actually happen!

Our production team has brought to life more than 24 TV movies and series, 14 documentaries, hundreds of hours of TV shows, and several feature films. These projects vary in their complexity from relatively simple productions to complex shootings of mass battle scenes, shooting in remote areas with severe climate conditions, working with foreign actors

in Russia as well as with international crews abroad.

Some of Talan’s works have been acclaimed internationally.

For example, “Medal,” a TV mini-series recently produced by Talan was awarded Taurus World Stunt Awards for the best action in a foreign film. 

So, if your next stop is Russia or one of the CIS countries, Talan is happy to make its experience work for you! We will guide you through pre-production and production process. We will help in obtaining visas, location scouting and clearance, scheduling and budgeting, and meet all the production challenges with you.